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Planning and conducting the cbd interview case based discussion is a structured interview designed to explore the professional judgement of a trainee using cases selected by the trainee and presented for evaluation. Your cpd diary is iin rcpch eportfolio on the kaizen platform. The rcgp eportfolio what i wished id known from the beginning dr samantha low, salaried gp, chells surgery. Scottish deanery scotland deanery nhs education for scotland. Epnet has developed a european learning space, constantly updated, on the design and the use of eportfolios. Mrcpch clinical exam kaizenupload as a document to eportfolio if not already populated by the rcpch in exam section mandatory. All cbds were based on a discussion i had with a consultant and the form includes detail of the patient discussed which i wrote in my cbd. Books medical and nonmedical remember, some fiction books can. Sles may be linked to curriculum competencies in the eportfolio as evidence of engagement with, and exploration of, the curriculum.

Guidelines for foundation programme trainees on completion of. The discussion takes place of real cases in which the foundation doctor has been involved. How to collect evidence for your portfolio information for doctors in. Different observersassessors should be used for each encounter where possible. Supercondensed gp curriculum guide nhs education for scotland. It is designed to be an educational tool that will facilitate and record the trainees clinical and personal development throughout training. You can change your cookie settings at any time using our cookies page. These do not form part of the approved standard but are intended to aid consistent reporting, particularly for. X 6 per year minimum therefore 2 per placement tab team assessed behaviour. Cbd case based discussion this is a structured discussion of clinical cases managed by the trainee. Gp trainees in hospital placements nhs education for. Learner the royal college of physicians and surgeons of. No, the archive and the original eportfolio nes eportfolio are not connected.

Learner the royal college of physicians and surgeons of canada. Until late 2009, nes had undertaken this work without charge but now needs to recoup running costs through an annual per capita charge for each trainee using the eportfolio. Resetting your password in the nes eportfolio will not allow you access into the archive. It is is mandatory for all runthrough and non runthrough paediatricians in uk training posts. Find out how our resources, qi central, paediatric care online uk and medicines for children are helping to strengthen a culture of continuous improvement in paediatric care. Horus is the eportfolio for foundation doctors in england. Each dops should represent a different procedure sampling from the acute care skills or from placement specific.

The books need to be used for a year and would suffer heavy usage on a day to day basis. The uk foundation programme office have provided the following table to clarify the purpose and different perspectives of the fp eportfolio written 2011. Each tool, be it cot, cbd or minicex, is a device for gathering evidence. Upload as a document to eportfolio if not already populated by the rcpch in the exam section for trainees completing st3lat 3. Natural health services is changing the way canadians access cannabis. You can browse the articles below but you may find it easier to type in your query in to the search bar above to find a relevant help centre article. Dorchester dorset county hospital nhs foundation trust. Rcpch eportfolio provides a lifelong learning platform for paediatricians, from training and throughout a doctors working life. Its strength is assessment and discussion of clinical reasoning. Find out how to use it with our guidance and instructional videos.

Book an appointment using the nhs ereferral service nhs. This page provides you with faqs and user guidance on how cpd diary works in eportfolio. Any form that has been submitted on horus except tab and reflection forms can only be deleted by the user who originally created the form. For information on coronavirus please go to our page on coronavirus. The contributors to this book have undertaken research on how eportfolios influence learning and the learning environment for students, faculty members, and institutionsthis book features emergent results of studies from 20 institutions that have.

This is the first port of call for any queries you may have about the nhs eportfolio. Sometimes, when as an admin you are trying to create a new user, you find that their email address is already in the system. A guide to how to succeed, make the eportfolio your learning. Books medical and nonmedical remember, some fiction books can help inform your. The archive is a standalone system into which data from the nes eportfolio have been migrated. Introduction to the foundation programme eportfolio. It promotes lifelong learning by encouraging doctors to reflect on their own needs and clinical competences, and the needs of their patients.

Once you have added all recipients click finished creating reports the portfolio will allow you to generate three types of reports. The emphasis for this the trainee with support from their supervisor. The eportfolio is hosted by nhs education for scotland nes on behalf of jrcptb. Please note that doctors in nontraining posts are not mandated to use the eportfolio. This is due to the unprecedented challenges of covid19. We have launched a logbook to assist cmt trainees in recording their procedures and clinics. I am a dietetic student at san francisco state university and will be graduating in spring 20. The nhs eportfolio more blogs share this post 0 comments dr samuel bourke, university of birmingham graduate and british army doctor, provides a guide to the nhs eportfolio, including. The eportfolio is designed to help gather and organise evidence in a way that is trainee centred and user friendly.

The trainee eportfolio is where the trainee records their learning in all its forms and settings. The jrcptb and foundation eportfolios are based on a single common system but with different content and tools. You will need to record, case based discussions cbd, observed and signed off procedures dops, discussions about aspects of history, examination minicex. It has been proposed that poole hospital nhs foundation trust will merge with royal bournemouth and christchurch hospitals nhs foundation trust. A typical encounter might be when presenting newly referred patients in the outpatient department. The cbd tool has been designed to be used in both hospital and gp settings. Cbd is one of the tools used to collect evidence for your trainee eportfolio, as part of the workplace based assessment component of the mrcgp exam. These assessment tools are available online in the eportfolio. Start your journey to become a healthier, happy you. Eportfolios for doctors the eportfolio is an electronic tool for doctors to store and record a collection of evidence that demonstrates their learning achievements and abilities. It is the system used to record the evidence collected through workplace based assessment wpba. Paediatric trainees and your educational supervisors can use eportfolio to record learning in all its forms and settings, and to monitor progress through the curriculum. Find out more in the forms and guidance section of our core medical training page. Resident eportfolio is the royal colleges existing eportfolio, which fellows and inpractice physicians use to report and track participation in the maintenance of certification moc program.

Our aim is to provide you with the information and resources you need to support you throughout your career in the public sector. Oct 15, 2012 this site exists to generate discussion and collate opinions on the experience of using the nhs eportfolio. Courses europortfolio european network of eportfolio. Please see our support site for guidance and information. Once the assessor clicks on go to the form the link takes them straight to the form in just one click. Northern foundation school eportfolio lead south tees hospitals nhs foundation trust fp lecturer. Upload as a document to eportfolio if not already populated by the rcpch in the exam section. I am passionate about helping people with heart diseases to improve their quality. Cmt logbook for recording procedures and clinics jrcptb. Cpd diary about and frequently asked questions rcpch. A full list of medical and dental sub specialty codes are also available as an annex to the nhs occupation code manual. Foundation doctors completing supervised learning events angela.

Under competence by design cbd, the royal college resident eportfolio is a valuable learning tool provided by the royal college that will support. As a paediatric trainee, you and your educational supervisor will use rcpch eportfolio on the kaizen platform to record learning in all its forms and settings, and to monitor progress through the curriculum. The next maintenance work will take place on monday, 9 march between 21. Wessex deanery ait guide to completing your gp training. Book your initial meeting with your supervisor educational and clinical. Nhs hackday and the eportfolio data liberation front the. Revert the form to draft only an administrator can do this to. Sign declarations when you sign in to your horus eportfolio for the first time, you will need to sign three declarations. To download a file, click the blue button labelled actions then click on the view menu item.

A big aspect of training in the uk is documentation. Follow the steps below to delete a form you created. Saudi arabia singapore thailand united arab emirates. Disciplinespecific milestones have been developed by the speciality committee and are based on the generic milestones of the canmeds 2015 framework. These have been developed by nes as guides to the rcgp curriculum, including roles, assessments and cbd guide for clinical supervisors and trainees whilst in specific hospital attachments. The cbd should focus on a written record such as written case notes, outpatient letter, discharge summary. If you have been referred to a hospital or clinic through the nhs ereferral service, booking your appointment online is easy, safe and secure. Policy guidance for nontraining doctors access to eportfolio this document outlines the rules and policy for jrcptb giving eportfolio access to doctors who are in nontraining posts.

Nhs hospital managers contacted us with a requirement for administration and ward admission books to keep details of patient notes. This section provides blank, generic versions of each form in horus for download, sorted into categories and alphabetical order. The course is part of a greater effort within the epnet european network of eportfolio experts and practitioners european funded project. Operation impaired system operation is impaired, slow running or prints not being produced. Turas is nhs education for scotlands nes new single unified digital platform for health and social care professionals. One piece of evidence is sufficient if it demonstrates a competency has been properly explored. We have been working with nhs education scotland for several years to develop the eportfolio platform for physician trainees.

Policy guidance for nontraining doctors access to eportfolio. Select forms menu at top of screen select ticket request at end of forms menu click request new assessment button select post from post drop down l. About eportfolio the nhs eportfolios platform supports health professionals achievement, reflection and learning. Trainees will see a view of the eportfolio that varies according to their stage of training and specialty. The next maintenance work will take place on monday, 1 june between 08. The forms are not branded and cannot be used as official assessments evidence. It is envisaged this can be used as a log book or educational passport to demonstrate to supervisors their ongoing attainment of competencies. Undertake a cbd with consultanteducation supervisor on an ami which i. System malfunction the system is still considered operational with some functionality disabled. This section of the eportfolio is dedicated to requesting or completing assessments and allows the user, by clicking on the three blue rectangles by the assessment, to link assessments to different areas within the eportfolio. It is hoped that the eportfolio will develop as a single record from foundation carrying on into specialty training. To access the archive, you need to set up your password through the archive. Eportfolio pearls health education yorkshire and humber. Craig campbell, md, frcpc for more information about the competence by design cbd initiative.

From here you can access all your nes applications with a single secure sign on. Rcpch eportfolio kaizen guidance for local hee office and deanery administrators covid19 find our latest updates relating to covid19 in one place, including guidance for paediatric services, medical education and the workforce, our research and surveillance hub and more. If the file does not appear to download, please ensure you do not have a popup blocker running that has prevented the file from opening. Working with canadas top federally regulated licensed producers, we provide our patients with free access to experienced medical professionals. You matter, your training matters, and whether youre a trainee or an educator, your time is too valuable to waste ticking boxes. How do i create a ticket request nhs eportfolios help centre. Rcpch eportfolio kaizen guidance for trainees rcpch.

Nhs eportfolio workplace based assessments in core medical. Click add recipients if you want to find another recipient and repeat the process as necessary. Sep 24, 2012 the nhs eportfolio data liberation front our group consisted of me full of ideas, no understanding of code, nicolas tollervy, a developer a genius with lots of patience and an incredible ability to work round every problem the project presented him with and marcus baw, a gp who can code a bit and is a rcgp health informatics group member. The rcgp is delighted to announce that we have partnered with fourteenfish to bring you a brand new portfolio in 2020. Epa with milestones an epa can be expanded to show all associated milestones, as well as the associated assessment information. Cddft eportfolio guidance for fp trainees v1 january 2011. Nhs occupation codes are a full list of medical and dental specialties, intended to help consistent reporting.

Boots has products available in other retail outlets in a number of countries, select from the countryspecific sites below to find out more. Data issue system operates normally but incorrect data items or an individual user not able to access the system etc. Turas portfolio is nhs education for scotlands nes eportfolio application for trainees undertaking training within scotland. Information on akt, how to book a test and record of result. Its important that you ensure they have enough evidence to write their report, and that you give them adequate warning that you will need one for your arcp. Background and context champion for womens health, a scholar researcher educator and an nhs. System failure multiple users not able to access the system and perform normal work. Cbd x3 cexcot x3 ceps must include malefemale examination. With more than 450,000 users, nhs eportfolios is a flexible and a powerful platform supporting quality assurance and workforce planning activities resulting in dramatic improvements and efficiency savings over dispersed andor. Under competence by design cbd, the royal college resident eportfolio is a valuable learning tool provided by the royal college that will support competencybased assessment. Aim to introduce the national foundation programme nes eportfolio and familiarise you with it.

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