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Sure just having log books doesnt mean a car is in good condition, and not having them doesnt mean its in crap condition, but a car with log books stamped for every service is less likely to have been completely neglected, whereas a car with no log books may have only had the initial free service where they dont even change the oil, so for. Dont forget once a car is sold the dvla now automatically cancel the road tax even if there is still a paper disc in the car and issue the seller with a refund. He might make a slight allowance on the partexchange price youve been offered to take account of the cost of obtaining a new document, which he will need to do. For whatever reason, youve decided that its time to sell your car. Mslb can also use a bunch of presets that you can add with a simple doubleclick. I assume somebody wants to create a car and use your v5 in an. Additionally, you can check out the other guides in this section, including. If you have lost a v5 logbook, then you need to carefully search for it because having it in your possession makes the process of selling or transferring ownership much easier. The v5c or logbook holds all the ownership info for your vehicle. When it comes to buying or selling a car, one of the most important parts of the transaction is the log book this document, officially called the v5c registration certificate, is issued by the dvla to the person responsible for the vehicle. The crucial document when buying or selling a car is the v5c registration certificate, often called a logbook even though it is just a piece of paper. Ideally there shouldnt be a problem i believe but still. What is a logbook and how do you use it to buy or sell a car.

Mar 16, 2012 hi i found a car im interested in but there is not a logbook, the current owner has applied for one and it should be arriving in a week. Hi there, the depth of knowledge on the posts in this board is impressive so im hoping someone can help me out with a v5 question which is basically, what parts of the v5 must a used car have to be legit. Dealers and online car buying services may be willing to purchase a car without a valid logbook, but theyll still need to obtain one afterwards regardless. What to do with the v5 when selling a car you still need the paper logbook when selling a car. Prepare the paperwork, including the v5c registration document logbook, handbook, mot certificate and service log and warranty if there is one. Nathaniel cars understanding v5c log book rules for buyers. What should you do if you want to sell your car but youve lost the log book. Having said that there are some really stupid people out there generally you will find it harder to sell without a v5, and may end up getting a lower price as a result.

Car owners who fail to follow the rules regarding the v5c open themselves up to the possibility of receiving some hefty fines. Advertise your car in 3 easy steps and share the ad on social media and whatsapp using our free tools to reach thousands of buyers effectively. Websites like ebay, gumtree, and of course ours, have simplified the way people buy and sell cars. Trans 8 provides for dealers to keep vehicle information electronically provided it can be output in the same format as the motor vehicle log book. How to sell your car privately money advice service. Find out about buying and selling a car in queenslandincluding vehicle inspections, modifications and accessories, vehicle history checks and warranties. Im off home for a thorough search tonight before i fork out the 25.

Turn your used car into cash by following these 10. Now i want to sell the car and tax is due on 1apr 30 days from nowcan i sell the car to a private seller or a trader with my old address on the v5 document as long as i do the transaction before the tax expires. What can be done about logbooks being offered for sale. The information on a v5c is kept in the driver and vehicle licensing agency dvla database. Well i too have lost my v5 document and was supposed to be selling car on friday and picking up new one. Concerns have been raised by the classic car community especially over old car logbooks being sold openly usually online, accompanying removable chassis plates from a longscrapped vehicle. This document, officially called the v5c registration certificate, is issued by the dvla to the person responsible for the vehicle.

From what i understand, to get a new v5c, ill need to fill out a v62. When it comes to buying or selling a car, one of the most important parts of the transaction is the log book. You should never buy a car that doesnt have a logbook as this could be a sign the owner has taken out a logbook loan on the vehicle, borrowing money against the value of the car. Buying and selling a vehicle how to buy and sell a car. The v5c which can also be known as the log book or by its old name, v5 is a vital piece of paperwork that is often forgotten about in the back of a drawer until it comes time to sell your car on. If youre selling with a full service history, buyers also like to receive old mot certificates and other maintenance receipts. A v5c or car log book is very important if you ever sell your car, or if youre buying a used car.

Jun 25, 2014 find out exactly what a logbook v5 registration document is and why this piece of paper work is vital for the ownership of any car. The new keeper wont be able to tax the vehicle without it. Most people selling them on ebay say they are memorabilia only to get around the law. I thought not i am selling ym car this week and since we moved a few week back i cannot find the log book anywhere, i can find every other piece of info on the car, manufacturers guide, mot certificate etc but no log book. Use this simple stepbystep guide to help you along the way. The simplest ways to sell a car legally without a v5. Yes you can sell your car without the v5 get a form from the post office for a v5 registration document before you sell the car and put the new owners details on it get them to sign it and tick the box stating that they have never had a v5 for the vehicle then they dont pay the. When trader sells car he gets new owner to fill out v5 and posts it off or now can be done online. Contract hire describes leasing a vehicle for a set time period. The log book shows who is responsible for registering and taxing the car, but not who owns it. Here are 10 simple steps that will help you turn your used car into cash.

As a seller, this means youre no longer required to post your v5c off to the dvla when you sell a vehicle, but you must report the change of. I sold 1 car at a time and they were advertised with a for sale sign in the window. The v5c is one of the most important documents when buying or selling a car, but it logs only who is the registered keeper and they may be different from the legal owner. List on cargurus and let us handle the paperwork, verify the buyer, and make sure payments secure with cargurus pay. When you sell your car, the only paperwork youre required to fill in is the small v5c 2 slip on of the v5c logbook thats the new keepers details. When selling without a v5, youll need to provide a bill of sale which includes all info for the new buyer to apply for a new logbook. Not having a logbook will it make it impossible to tax and extremely difficult to sell your vehicle. Im sure this must have been asked before, but im in the process of selling an old car but ive just realised ive misplaced the log book. Please enter your zip code to access paperwork when selling a car specific to your state. Great savings free delivery collection on many items.

Any advice on this, would it be safe to sell, if buyer is willing to take. Mslb is a crossplatform simple logbook program application to write work logs or even a diary. Found your new dream car but need to sell your old one first. I have never missed a payment or been late on one with them.

What is a logbook or v5 registration document auto advance. In more detail, im looking to change my car for the first time in 7 years, and the logbook has the first page sections 48 but only. Also, selling a car without a logbook may arouse suspicions in the potential buyers mind whether they are a member of the public or a professional car buyer. Registered keeper and trader both sign yellow slip and registered keeper sends it off to dvla.

It means seller no longer have to post their v5c document back to the dvla after selling their car. A detailed notary journal helps protect you from accusations of negligence and potential lawsuits. The v5c form is a vital document for anyone buying or selling a car, and unlike ved tax discs for your windscreen and old style driving licences which have both been consigned to. The official certificate of car ownership is known as the v5c commonly known as the log book and formerly known as the v5. When you sell your car, the only paperwork youre required to fill in is the small v5c2 slip on of the v5c logbook thats the new keepers details. Nov 06, 2018 no more writing your kms on scraps of paper in the car or filling in annoying logbooks that wind up being lost in your boot.

A single page from a logbook may be given to the competitor to put with the logbook when it is recovered. With a little research and organization, you can simplify the process and get the most profit possible. Otherwise, there may be more than one logbook for the same car, which is prohibited. If you sell privately you might get 10% to 15% more for your car than you would from a dealer. Selling cars online doesnt always go well, not in the least because there are some unscrupulous folk out there. Motorway the comparison site to sell your car compare. If you have a contract hire car then do you need the log book. Only a stupid person would buy a car where the seller cannot produce the v5. Motor vehicle records full logbook the best evidence to support the use of a vehicle is an accurate logbook of business travel maintained for the entire year, showing for each business trip, the destination, the reason for the trip and the distance covered. Jun 21, 2017 your v5c document, also known as a log book, shows that your car is registered in your name, with your address shown too. Dont fall victim to criminals when you sell your car privately with our guide to avoiding the car selling scams and dodgy buyers. Any potential suitors will want to check it over before making a decision on whether to buy. Buying a car with no v5 general dealer chat car dealer. Top tips to maximise your resale value car advice carsguide.

What a logbook does a vehicle logbook v5 is a legal document issued by the dvla, outlining proof of ownership and specific vehicle details. The society of motor manufacturers and traders recently revealed that approximately 70,000 were taken without consent in 2014. You can now inform the dvla that youve sold a car to a trader or private buyer online, rather than filling in the relevant sections of the v5 logbook and notifying the organisation by post. Its this persons duty to ensure the car is registered, taxed and insured. Jun 11, 2015 dont buy a vehicle without a v5c logbook. Motor vehicle logbooks where motor vehicle expenses are being claimed, one method of substantiating is to maintain a log book. Auction log book not present motoring discussion back. Car salesman book and guide the car salesman and selling. You should never buy a car that doesnt have a log book as this could be a sign the owner has taken out a logbook loan on the vehicle, borrowing money against the value of the car. Aug 26, 2015 the changes to the v5c the log book document which determines the registered keeper of a vehicle now include an online element to selling on your car, either to private buyers or trade. Stop by anytime were open or schedule your fast, free appraisal in advance. No logbook in kwazulunatal used cars for sale gumtree. Youll get the most for your car by selling privately. When you sell your car, youll need the v5c to be transferred to the new owner, or they wont be able to register for vehicle tax.

Cannot claim car expenses for someone elses car you cannot claim for car expenses under any method available, where the car was owned or leased by someone else, including another member of your family in most instances. What paperwork do you need in a privateparty car sale. Sell your car quickly and get the most money from the deal. I started selling cars from my property around 12 months. Selling your car privately will get you the most money, but it will also expose you to more risk.

Can he still get it taxed and insured without the v5. I couldnt find my log book when i was seeing my car recently, you can order a new one over the phone from the dvla it costs. The quickest and easiest way to let us know youve sold a vehicle is online. And youll then get an automatic refund on any tax left on the vehicle as it no longer transfers to the new buyer. Always make sure you do a vehicle history check to confirm the car has not been reported stolen. Not the registered keeper of the car but can i sell it. Mar 04, 2011 i moved to a new flat couple of weeks ago and didnt change the address on my car s v5 registration document yet. Our smart technology matches you with car buying websites and specialist car dealers in seconds. Ive got a buyer interested but not sure i should sell without the v5. Dvla warns drivers not to buy vehicle without logbook regit.

Is it worth trying to import your uk car to spain or would it be cheaper to buy a car once you get to spain. The car logbook method is a good way to track your car expenses and claim them on your tax return to increase your tax refund keeping track of your businessrelated car expenses with the logbook method is not so hard, and it could really boost your next tax refund. Unlike many other apps, vehicle log book allows you to backup and restore all your data to dropbox australian users may be required to keep a logbook for tax purposes. Having sold three cars privately ive experienced both the pleasure and pain of dealing.

Carlton boyce 27 november 2015 26 march 2019 tweet. A car without a logbook is a risk and will be valued accordingly. Give the new owner the car s handbook, the keys including any duplicate sets, the service logbook plus any receipts you have, and the mot certificate if the car is over three years old. Thats why many drivers now choose to sell their vehicle online rather than heading to a. Most states either require or recommend that you keep a journal record of your notarizations. If its lost or damaged youll need to get a replacement before selling. You still need the paper logbook when selling a car. Once a car has been sold or changed ownership, you can also notify the dvla without needing the v5 if its unavailable. You are selling cars to make money so stop wasting ups, start selling more cars and making more money. If you sell your vehicle you must tell dvla straight away using the v5c registration certificate. Edmunds has saleclosing advice for both buyer and seller. How to sell a car without a v5c logbook 2020 update. The next best option is dealer partexchange, followed by a car buying website. Hello, i started selling cars from my property around 12 months ago.

Notifying the dvla correctly when you sell your car buy my car. I dont believe this problem will worry an experienced car dealer too much. Receive a quote in under 60 seconds by entering your registration below. You can take payment, apply to tradein, or give yourself a week to think about it. Our offer is good for 7 days and stays the same whether you trade in or simply sell. If the logbook has been lost or stolen, the correct thing to do is to reregister the car with a new number. Some owners have even done this, to make a car look older than it, therefore defrauding hms treasury on purpose, by avoiding paying road tax. If this is the case and the original owner doesnt repay the loan, you could. It offers flexible motoring for a fixed low monthly fee. Find out about your rights when you buy a new vehicle from a dealer. Its a realtime mobile and web platform that enables those that want to do searches and verifications of legal documents in kenya such as ntsakra logbook search and verificationcar and vehicle registration search to do so with easily on their phone or computer without having to. Unfortunately i was told that i had to pay 25 for a new one and it would take 35 days. Once ive repaired it ill need a v5c to sell it, as im sure many people would find it undesirable to buy a car without a v5c. Most individual buyers will be highly put off by any car that doesnt come with these documents as it could be stolen, written off or otherwise illegal.

Bought a car from auction last week log book not present. This must be torn out and handed to the new keeper as their record of the transfer of ownership. Vehicle log book will generate logs based on australian tax office ato requirements around fringe benefits tax fbt simply log, generate and submit. Migrated from previous topic 10918 dated 23 mar 2010. But before you do, there will be some paperwork that you will need to provide the new owners so they can properly title and register the vehicle in their name.

A car s tax status is also recorded on the v5c so if you are buying a classic car and want to make sure it qualifies for the zero rate road tax you need to check it is listed as a. The single most important way to protect the value of your car is to have it serviced properly. It could also cause him a delay in selling your car on. How to claim your car expenses the car logbook method. A local garage made a complaint to the council and i had a visit from a council planning enforcer.

If you are planning on selling your car, but youve realised you don t. Motor vehicle log book is used to record vehicles taken in trade and sold at a dealership. In short, yes it is possible to sell a vehicle without the v5c logbook. Get a replacement log book v5c if the original has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, or you have not received one for your new vehicle. The relative value of petrol or diesel, manual or automatic changes from car to car, so do your homework and look around at prices on the used market before making a decision. The changes to the v5c the log book document which determines the registered keeper of a vehicle now include an online element to selling on your car, either to private buyers or trade.

Top 10 tips on selling a used car practical motoring. Aug 11, 2015 you can now inform the dvla that youve sold a car to a trader or private buyer online, rather than filling in the relevant sections of the v5 logbook and notifying the organisation by post. If you use your car for work purposes, the ato will let you make a claim on. When buying or selling a car or other information changes, drivers need to report these changes. The v5c, also known as the registration document or log book and commonly shortened to v5, is the document that legally registers and proves ownership of a vehicle. Jun 29, 2015 the dvla has emphasised that it is important not to buy a used vehicle that is missing its logbook as it might be stolen or hard to tax. Rules for buying or selling a vehicle transport and. Ive bought a car to sell but it didnt come with a logbook as its a cat s.

Well, first of all, lets look at what is contract hire. Selling lease co forwarded v5 to the auction house who forwarded the green slip to me arriving on saturday. So youre looking to sell your car but theres a stumbling block. All vehicles wanted sell your car for cash 101,848 views. How to master the art of selling cars knott, jeffrey on. If you have bought a vehicle with no logbook, then it could have been potentially stolen, written off, or illegal for road use. A logbook is very important if you ever sell your car, or if youre buying a used car. Depending on your circumstances and whether youre buying or selling a car without a v5, there are a couple of options available to you. You must let us know immediately when youve sold a vehicle. All i want to do is sell the car then pay back what is left on the loan and use the rest of the funds to purchase a different car. Buy vintage log book and get the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay. To obtain a quote for the cost of importing your uk car to spain, in order to help you make this decision, all you require is a copy of your v5 log book. V5 yellow slip general dealer chat car dealer forum.

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