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Believe it or not there are raging controversies, strategies and systems for the physical motion of hitting the drum. The moeller book the art of snare drumming, sanford g. In this drumstroke tutorial series, master drum instructor luke oswald teaches you the secrets of the challenging, but extremely effective, percussive stroke technique called the moeller method. You can imagine how powerful the stroke will be when it strikes a cymbal or a drum. Steve established one of the first grief recovery method support groups over thirty years ago.

The moeller method, or moeller technique, is named for drummer sanford a. Jim chapin and the moeller method off beat with michael. It is yet again another different look at an authors view. The moeller method, to most, is a secret technique that hard to find any information on these days.

The moeller method is broke down into three strokes, the full moeller, the half moeller and the low moeller. Learning how to play the moeller method is not actually that difficulty at all. Moeller, who shared his way of teaching in his book the art of snare drumming in 1925. All of his successful students are testimonials to this fact. Steve was the director for community relations at floral haven crematory, funeral home, and cemetery in broken arrow, ok, prior to resigning to. The moeller technique drumming power and endurance.

Moeller method history of the moeller stroke and technique. Jacob has taught hundreds of students, hes uniquely qualified to specialize in hand technique development moeller technique. As gene krupa studied with sanford moeller, the gene krupa drum method brought valuable insight into the moeller technique. Jim chapin is one of the main pioneers of the moeller technique. The moeller method, or moeller technique is a percussive stroke method that combines a variety of techniques with the goal of improving hand speed, power and control while offering the flexibility to add accented notes at will. Accumulate guide the nazi state and german society. Start with the tip of the stick on your drum, raise your wrist slightly and whip from that position. The first book to publish sanfords research was by william ludwig in 1925, called the moeller book. In educational, richard best tags moeller method, sanford gustav moeller, the moeller book.

Moeller mentored gene krupa on technique what were sanford moellers ideas regarding the snare drum. Notice in the video at the very slow tempo the down strokes and up strokes. If you are looking for an instructional dvd that teaches the moeller method in a simple, comprehensive way then you should check out mike michalkows moeller method secrets dvd. The moeller method, moeller technique or whipping technique is a percussive stroke method that combines a variety of techniques with the goal of improving hand speed, power, and control while offering the flexibility to add accented notes at will it is named for drummer sanford a.

A classic snare drum method for the rudimental snare drummer has long been considered a staple of snare drum technique books, helping define technique for rudimental snare drum for over 50 years the moeller book covers all aspects of snare drumming, including everything from basic strokes through more complex rudiments, providing almost 100 pages of. He outlined the system in his book the art of snare drumming, also called the moeller book. Yet the new way is by accumulating the soft data of the book the nazi state and german. The moeller method secrets video lessons will teach you the moeller technique to help you improve your hand speed, power, and control on the drums. The moeller technique workshop beyond the moeller technique. If you are looking for a book to give you step by step instructions on the famous moeller single stroke stick method, this is not it. In fact, longer, as it can be traced back to the civil war. Hardy diagnostics moellers decarboxylase media employs the formula established by moeller, who, in 1955, first introduced its use in the differentiation of gramnegative enteric bacilli.

It will totally change the way you approach grooves and fillins and will take. The four basic strokes can be used with numerous other. The most important drum technique in the world youtube. The moeller method, or moeller technique, was named after drummer sanford a. Dom famularo demonstrates the moeller technique youtube. Moeller method, you can learn the sametimetested concept from someone who studied one on one with jim chapin 20th centurys most influential drum teacher. Luke begins by explaining his approach to the moeller method, and why its a valuable technique for any drummer to learn. He apparently did not invent it, but simply learnt it through observation of other great drummers at the time. The moeller method is a method of snare drumming that has been used for decades. The reason i reference these strokes with the moeller method is because they are the cornerstones to moeller technique. This article was posted in 2004, when drum forums were not covering moellers book with much accuracy or. Moeller calls his book a selfteaching instruction manual.

The main purpose of the book is to provide teachers and students with a complete college level moeller technique course that is well organized. A brief history with documents bedford cultural editions series, by robert g. Dom famularo demonstrates the moeller technique watch the latest videos by subscribing here. Gus moeller is usually associated with the moeller method or moeller technique considered by some to be a misnomer, which advocates the use of ancient snare drumming techniques that can be used by drummers when playing a drum kit. He was simply one who documented the techniques drummers in the military and other marching bands were using to play read more. The moeller method secrets takes you through all aspects of the advanced moeller method, along with other important subjects of hand technique like finger control. Jim chapin and the moeller method off beat with michael aubrecht. The moeller technique is a great drumming method that can swiftly improve your. The fact that this drumming method has such longevity only goes to boost its reputation.

Long out of print and very hard to find ludwig masters. In 1925, moeller compiled and wrote the moeller book. To download and get a free the moeller technique workshop beyond the moeller technique. About the moeller book another classic snare method for the rudimental drummer. Moellers decarboxylase media for identification of gram. The moeller book is the original moeller method or moeller technique. The gene krupa drum method, published in 1938, was an important book when it comes to understanding the history of drum set playing. Shop and buy mullerrusch string method book 1 string bass sheet music. Lets break that secret and explain the technique in detail, uncovering the reason why this method is used by every professional drummer around. Note, also, that in the introductory pages of his book, moeller states that he is passing on to future drummers, a method or system that has been used in every country where drummers have become proficient. In sanford moellers book the moeller book he describes just three strokesdown stroke, up stroke, and the single strokewhich we now call taps. Books by philip moeller author of get whats yours for. It is the newestmost comprehensive moeller training system available.

Each system has its share of partisans and philosophies behind it. This section is incredibly revealing, and breaks through many of the misconceptions drummers have of this method. Its a very historic, accurate drum instruction book for the parade drummer. In this drum lesson you will learn the moeller technique. It provides exercises, music concepts and musical applications. Philip moellers most popular book is get whats yours. Moeller s book speaks highly, in the publishers note, of george bruces method of drum instruction, and indeed, the book has some similarity to bruce and emmetts the drummers and fifers guide, in that both have lengthy treatments of the rudiments, and many of the pieces in bruces book also appear in moeller s.

The moeller method is a technique used on your sticks to maximize the control and speed of your drumsticks. Its the most essential technique used in modern drumming. I suggest any of the stone books, or joe morelos advanced studies series. Philip moeller has 23 books on goodreads with 4810 ratings.

Second language assessment and mixed methods research studies in language testing 97816505038 by moeller, aleidine j. Since then, thousands of grievers have gone through his programs. The latin drumming system takes you through some of the most famous and played latin rhythms out there, on a stepbystep approach, so you can learn the grooves faster and more. Studying from this book along with additional explanations from jim chapin or another teacher, a drummer can yield a wealth of knowledge regarding the use of a drumming system thay is oftreferenced, but seldom mastered. The only secret on moeller method secrets is the author doesnt deliver. Moeller, who described the technique after observing the way civil war drummers struck the drum in the late 1800s. Moeller method strokes and tricks drums player world. The moeller method is one of the most famous, most asked about, most soughtafter technique by all kinds of drummers. An introduction to the moeller method aka moeller technique, where it came from, and an overview of mikes experiences while learning it. There are 3 important people to thank for passing on this technique through the ages.

His lessons were based on his observations of civil war drummers, who played on level snares as opposed to titled and gripped their drum sticks with their little fingers. He later taught the system to jim chapin in 1938 and 1939. Moeller, as described in his book the art of snare drumming, also called the moeller book. Registration for drum technique made easy has now closed. The moeller method is a technique used by every professional drummer, so why not learn it yourself. The book can be used as a tool for introduction and progression of concepts that goes beyond the moeller technique.

I know it seems like i am just highlysuggesting every single one but i really am, these are very good books. Later jim chapin released his video speed power control endurance 1992 vhs which helped many drummers develop the method with visual training. This has long been a staple of the ludwig catalog and continues to find new fans every day. Kettering, northamptonshire, nn15 6gn mark is a professional drummer with over 30 years experience and a fully qualified tutor. Stephen moeller has been a licensed funeral director since 1978. Developing and mastering the four basic strokes, that is full, down, tap and up, is an essential ingredient to playing relaxed, developing speed, and playing handtohand accent patterns. Moeller, as described in his book the art of snare drumming, also. Moellers unique point of view was that he considered drum. While some might think it was invented by sanford moeller, this is not entirely true.

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